Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Email addresses

Hello everyone
There has been confusion for our dedicated volunteers on their shifts. I have been talking to them and some of them have not been receiving the emails. Could everyone check their addresses prior to sending an email to ensure that everyone is on the list?
So far, the confusion has been positive for Room2Grow. Two people have showed up for the same shifts----but I feel bad when they have to drive in for 'nothing'.
On another note:
Brittany reported that she had another 'walk in' this morning. She said that the young woman's friend said 'see they are really nice'-----this is going to be our best advertising!!! God is good.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Beginnings and Baby bottles

Well, it has been a while since the last post. Where do I start?

There were 3 meetings held in Hamilton last week with Beginnings Family Services. They are very impressed and interested in Room2Grow. I feel very confident that we will be under their umbrella shortly. They said we would know by the end of June. This will give us many advantages. It gives us credibility, liability and access to so many resources and years of experience to tap into. It protects us from the community questioning our motives and use of funds. As far as "What will change from Room2Grow?"-----nothing. We can continue as we are.
They do, however, strongly suggest that we have at least one paid chairperson part time position. In the case of anything we do or say ends up in a court case, having a paid position protects Beginnings and the people involved. Otherwises we can just shrug and say "We are only volunteers". That does not give us credibility in any lawyer's eyes.
This being said, every Beginnings satellite office must raise their own funds. Woodstock, Guelph, Coburg and Hamilton are in the same position. (Woodstock raises over $70,000 per year!) These offices all have, at least, 3 paid part time positions. We have been working hard in researching for corporate funding. (not easy in a small town) We don't need a lot---$12,000 per year should do it. ----this is taking into account that this position will be at a much lower rate of pay than the other offices. But, we should start small and see where it goes. Pray for wisdom in this matter. We would really appreciate your feedback on this whole matter. This is a group decision!
I also attended a community project called "Home with a Heart". Women from the community attend to learn cooking and household skills. Free child care is provided. It is a very successful program. More ideas, eh?

As you have probably read through emails, the 'walk-ins' have also increased. And the young mom's groups are expanding. The Health Unit really did a nice job on the flyers. Thanks Mel for looking after this! God has truly blessed this program. Prayers are continually needed. Thank you all for your prayers when Linda and I had a meeting on Monday. We felt God's strength.

The Baby Bottle campaign is up and running. Thank you all for 'adopting a church'. As well, many of you have left us know that local businesses also wanted to participate. Wow!

The group from Exeter has decided not to set up a young mother's group at this time. The leaders have full time jobs and are unable to fully commit at this time. Seaforth has a store called "Moms Inc" and they have expressed a desire to help us in whatever we need. They were given posters and flyers. A back room is available in their store for our use if needed. Any thoughts or ideas on this?

We are all still 'talking' to Lawrence about the back room. He even received a flyer from a company in London that will bring a shredder truck to his office. (Coincidentally the day after I talked to him about this company) Seriously, I did not call the company in London!! Just another 'Godincidence" (lol)

On a personal note, I would like to thank you all for your phone calls, well wishes and prayers over the last month. He is stable, but will not return to work. We are adjusting to our "new normal". I love you all and feel blessed to be in this mission work with you. God bless you.
Linda Renkema