Saturday, January 15, 2011

Well, God has been awesome! Room2Grow's doors are open at 9 Rattenbury Street Clinton. The training has begun and the community support has been amazing. There has been no negative feedback at all.
The goal of this blog is for the peer workers to support each other with prayer requests. As well, this could be a more private website to let everyone know what the needs are of the women we are supporting.
I hope that you feel free to post your joys, frustrations and questions. No one is expecting you to do this mission alone
May God bless you all
Linda R


Anonymous said...

In order to post a comment, just click on "Comments" and a smaller window will come up. Just leave your comments, leaving your name at the end please :>
Then click on "anonymous' at the bottom of this screen. and click on "publish your comment"

Anonymous said...

Hi linda this site is for the organizers of that right?
so we'll create another one for the young moms to use?
do i have it right?
we can talk about it more at the training?


Anonymous said...

Actually, I kinda like the idea that the young women can post on here as well...they can support each other as well as have our support. If they do not wish to post their names...that's fine. But I made this with the mindset that it is more private than Facebook.
Linda R

Michelle said...

Anyone can look at this blog or any others on Blogspot. I also use this for my own blog. I don't know if there are settings to change a blog so only people have to sign in with a password to view it.

Do we want anyone to see this blog or only certain people? Either way it looks great!


Linda R said...

Yes, this is certainly something we need to discuss...I did a lot of surfing and Blogspot does not password protect :(
They have the word verification...but that is a joke!
I am checking into other blogspots...too much snow to go to church, so this will keep me busy :>

Anonymous said...

Looks good ladies. Love the sign on the door. They did a great job! Looking forward to training today!

lvw said...

Hi everyone..i just dropped by the room to drop off a few things..i like having a spot to go in town while i wait on the kids to do their activites..when it works..very excited about "beginings" coming this friday to check this place out. I got a tablecloth for the for the table of and it make the place look sort of "picnicy?" you'll see what i mean..but hey ...a picnic sounds inviting dosen't it? lol
tomorrow's training should be good as it deals with interacting with someone who is desperate and needing a friend...this might come naturally for some...but for others of us it is a good reminder. not sure about this blog . am i allowed to babble on? and on? just wanted to thank Linda r for all the big stuff she's been doing! like notes out to the churches and the signs...and financial...lets just keep praying for God to keep her fire going. It's very encouraging for me as i sometimes doubt if anyone is going to want us to help them...what will make them come into these doors..short of a miracle! sorry... i know i should leave it all in Gods i have been doing...but now it's coming down to depending on if the girls come in...were as ready as we'll ever be! better keep praying...wondered about an official prayer team...and meeting each tuesday for anyone who wants to pray about the ministry...see some of you tomorrow!