Monday, July 18, 2011

Company comin'

Hello everyone
Henk, Herman and Arie from Beginnings Board of Directors are coming to visit us on August 9, 2011 at 7:30 p.m. They wish to evaluate our group, assessing our efficiency , financial viability and sustainability, leadership, community support and agency wide resource support and our ability to provide the underlying training, clinical issue back up etc etc.

This will be the final step to becoming a satellite office for Beginnings.

A questionnaire has been forwarded for us to complete and return prior to the visit. I really, really need your input on this....this group is NOT a "one-man show"

Questions include:
1. Have we done a needs assessment ---what do you see as your client base and target group
2. Do you have the right mix of volunteers on the ground and ready to go?
....are they open to clinical training and supervision or do they have too many of their own ideas that would make it difficult for them to work from within the large picture of Beginnings?
3. How would you see being able to have increasing cost recovery over the next three years?
4. How do you respond to the purposes and values of Beginnings as described in the promotional materials and other communications?
5. To what extent will the Director(s) be able to travel to Beginnings Central for training and support?
6. How do you see your advisory committee operating front line as well as support and encouragement?
7. How do you see your supporting faith community (diversity:possible tensions)
8. How do you see connecting with the public and community agencies
9. What questions were you hoping we would ask but did not?
10 What do you plan to do if your request to become part of Beginnings Family Services does not go through understanding that we are currently concerned about our financial base?

Please take the time to think about these questions and provide me with your suggestions/thoughts/ideas. This will be vital part of the future of Room2Grow

thank you for everything
linda r

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