Thursday, February 24, 2011

How are things

Hey everyone

This blog thing has been pretty quiet lately. How have things been going out there? I enjoyed seeing everyone on a weekly basis and now it seems like forever since we have chatted. I was telling Linda VW the other day that I notice a few of the pull tabs on the poster in at Winks had been removed. Not that it is nice to think we may have possible clients soon, but who knows.

I know that Michelle has heard some eye opening stories at the mothers group, hard to believe that there are young moms living in such situations, they will be in my prayers...

How is the group preparations for Clinton coming Linda VW? Can we help in any way??

Hope all is well with everyone

In His Hands

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Lisa B. Pot said...

I wonder if some of those stories from the women Michelle is meeting would work for the new website? I am willing to write the stories if she'll share the information with me. No names of course.

Linda, you made a call for stories for the website. I will try to write something tomorrow while I am in R2G tomorrow. 'Try' being the operative word.