Thursday, February 10, 2011

monthly meeting

Hey Ladies

Great meeting last night, seems like lots of progress is being made for R2G.

Please except my apology to any and all who may find offence with my off the wall humor at our meetings. I don't mean to make light of anything we are discussing at the time, I take this mission very seriously. For some reason I just seem to come up with these silly comments and never take the time to "screen" any of it before it reaches my mouth. A good laugh is food for the soul, but never ment to make light of serious issues, topics, situations, confessions...etc. Please do not think I would even consider making light in a situation with a potential client.

Sounds like we have some more investigating to do were Beginnings is concerned, we need to make sure all avenues have been considered before committing to one specific umbrella. I''m totally on board when mentioned that Linda R be made director, she seems to fit the bill perfectly. Linda VW you are deffinitly one to do more of the hands on stuff.

This is working ladies, we are doing it R2G is going to grow and grow and grow!



Linda R said...

Laurie, I have absolutely no idea of what you are referring to. Seriously, I enjoy your company and gifts that you bring. If we can't laugh amongst ourselves, then we will all be under alot of pressure and eventually burnout.
I know that you would never make light of a woman's situation when the need arises. You are totally on board. I was very impressed on how you handled the scenario last week. IT IS ALL GOOD LAURIE!!

Lisa B. Pot said...

You were hilarious and your laugh is so infectious. I've been enjoying your Facebook comments too. You seem to have found your voice and aren't afraid to use it...and we're all the more jolly for it.