Monday, June 27, 2011

Baby bottles

Hi everyone.
The bottles are starting to come in to the Room. It is amazing the support we are receiving. I hope you all had the opportunity to read last Wednesday's Clinton News Record----we finally got published. Thanks Erin for your inside track!!
I am hoping to set up a date the first week of July to count and record the money received from the bottles. There is a spreadsheet hanging in the Room showing who the volunteers were and how many bottles are still to be returned yet.
So, can we count on these bottles being picked and returned by July 4??? Just drop them off at the Room. I have been labeling each bottle....that way we can keep track of what organization was the most receptive to our cause and can approach them next year again. (and visa versa).
Thank you all for your hard work and support. It is incredible how this mission has grown! I have heard such positive comments on the young mom's groups.
Take care Linda R

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