Monday, June 13, 2011

Family in dire need

I received a phone call from Liz Herman at Community Support for Families. There is a young family living in Vanastra who have a medically fragile baby born last August. They have to make frequent trips to London to meet with specialists.
Liz was asking if there was any way our group could help. The biggest concern is their finances to pay for special formula....the baby is tube fed.
What do you all think? How can we help?
Any amount of money would help....or is there other ways we can help?
Let me know of your thoughts. Thanks Linda R

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Linda R said...

I have received a number of viewpoints, ranging from this would give us an opportunity to let the community know we help families and babies to this is not in our mandate and we can't afford to do this.
I contacted my neice who has TWO medically fragile girls aged 5 and 2. She said that this family should not have to pay the full cost of any needs for this child. They receive all kinds of government support. She mentioned the specific agencies who help their family. I printed out this email and walked over to Community Support for Families....Liz was very interested in this information and will speak with the family and get back to us.
So, we may or may not have to help. But, Linda VW, I really like your idea of asking the mom's groups to help out. I think this could still take place, in my opinion.